4 Early Signs That You May Need to Replace Your AC

Summer in Central Florida brings some of the highest temperature highs, which makes it the busiest season for air conditioning units and Orlando air conditioning companies.

Minutes without AC can feel like a lifetime during peak heat hours, which is why it’s important that homeowners and renters know how to tell when their unit’s time is up.

Here are four signs that your AC unit’s age might be starting to show a little early.

Decreasing AC Performance

It might seem obvious but, if your AC unit is under-performing, it will show. If you find that your unit is producing less airflow, there may be an issue with the fan, filter, or compressor.

Similarly, if your AC is just not cooling down to the temperature you’ve set, you may want to have the refrigerant, condenser, or duct inspected.

Your Bills Are Going Up

If your electricity bill is climbing but your daily habits aren’t changing, your AC unit might be the culprit. These units lose efficiency over time, which can eventually change the way they consume energy.

Of course, you might see slight utility bumps if you use your unit more often or dial the temperatures lower than normal, but you should contact an AC repair company if your bills spike.

Moisture Build-Up or Leakage

Leakage can wreak havoc across your entire home, and it can be the result of a number of issues, including clogged drain lines, damaged condensate pumps, or a rusted drain pan.

Regardless of whether your AC unit is leaking refrigerant or water, you need to call AC services as soon as possible. The longer the fluid sits and builds up, the more likely it’s going to damage furniture, dampen floors, and create mold.

Abnormal Smells and Sounds

Sour smells are never a good sign. If your unit is causing a stink, you may have faulty wiring that could lead to serious electrical problems. However, if your AC is making strange sounds, it could have entirely different issues.

A slipped belt or damaged motor bearing can create grinding, screeching, or rattling noises, which means your unit needs immediate servicing.

Find the Right Orlando Air Conditioning Company

There are a lot of parts that keep AC units functioning at full capacity. However, when one component goes bad, the entire unit can suffer. If your AC unit is acting up, contact the experts at Climate Design, a trusted Orlando air conditioning company. Our technicians can diagnose the issues with your AC, repair the problem, or replace the unit.

To have your unit inspected, contact us today!

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