Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

You probably don’t give much thought to your thermostat, but what if we told you this common feature could become your best friend for keeping your home comfortable with ease?

Homeowners are making the switch from a standard to a smart thermostat to reap the benefits of convenience, energy savings, and many other reasons. But before you make the transition to one of these high-tech devices, we’ll give you all the details so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you. 

What is a Smart Thermostat?

You might be wondering, what’s even so great about a smart thermostat? Well, this handy device is an advanced alternative to standard thermostats that offers incredible convenience and performance capabilities. Smart thermostats connect to Wi-Fi, and you can control them using other devices such as phones, tablets, or voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. They also automatically heat and cool your indoor living spaces to the ideal temperature! 

How Much Do Smart Thermostats Cost?

Having all the latest technology and convenience at your fingertips is great and all, but what is it going to cost you? 

There are many unique factors that can influence the cost of your smart thermostat installation. Still, we can estimate that the average cost of installing a smart thermostat will fall somewhere between $80 and $250. 

That initial price may be off-putting to some. However, it is essential to note that many smart thermostats can help you save energy costs. Over the long term, those energy savings costs often prove to be well worth the upfront cost of installation. 

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Now that you have a better idea of what a smart thermostat will cost and eventually save you, let’s dive into some of the incredible benefits that make these devices an alluring option for many homeowners. Below is a quick list of the top advantages that a smart thermostat can provide:

  • Energy efficiency: Smart thermostats are truly smart, meaning that they do not heat or cool your rooms beyond necessity. Instead, smart thermostats can set the ideal temperature throughout your home. By constantly adjusting to the ideal temperature, smart thermostats do not use excessive amounts of energy, which leads to greater efficiency and lower energy costs for your home. 
  • Control from any location: Since smart thermostats connect to Wi-Fi, you can adjust their settings using your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. For instance, if you are on vacation and you wish to make your home warmer or cooler, you can immediately change your thermostat using your connected mobile device! 
  • Important alerts and notifications: Knowledge is power, and smart thermostats do much more than just control the temperature. Get key insights via alerts and notifications about HVAC system malfunctions, filter replacement needs, and much more. 
  • Better air quality: These handy devices can even help you breathe easier! Some models detect mold, mildew, and high relative humidity, all of which lead to poor air quality that is harmful to our health. By monitoring these factors, your smart thermostat can help ensure that your home maintains a healthy environment. 
  • Longer-lasting HVAC systems: Since smart thermostats are highly energy efficient, they never require your HVAC systems to work harder than they need to maintain a suitable temperature. This helps your system last longer than it normally would with less need for repairs. 
  • Broad compatibility: You might be amazed when you learn about the many types of devices smart thermostats can connect to. In many instances, you’ll have a chance to control your smart thermostat using multiple smart devices and even voice commands. 
  • Ongoing learning: Over time, your smart thermostat can learn your daily routines to make life more comfortable like a little butler! By learning your routine, your smart thermostat can fine-tune the temperature in your living spaces based on when they are typically in use. This learning ability further adds to the energy efficiency these devices permit. 
  • Potential grants and rebates: If money is tight, you still might be able to get one of these handy devices! Many cities and energy companies recognize the benefits of having a smart thermostat installed in the home. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible through a grant or rebate to take advantage of a smart thermostat’s energy-friendly nature. Do some research online to see if you qualify!
  • Sleek modern appearance: Beyond functionality, many smart thermostats are also incredibly attractive. Most of these devices have a sleek, modern appearance that can complement the interiors of many homes. 

Potential Downsides to Smart Thermostats

Although smart thermostats have many clear advantages, there are some potential downsides to consider before you commit to using one of these devices.

  • Higher initial cost: Installing a smart thermostat costs more than installing a standard one. However, the energy savings that smart thermostats provide often outweigh the initial cost in the long run. 
  • Incompatibility with certain HVAC systems: Not all HVAC systems can pair with a smart thermostat. Make sure your system is compatible before switching to a new thermostat. 
  • Learning curve: If you are not tech-savvy, you may find using a smart thermostat to be somewhat difficult. However, if you are able to overcome this initial learning curve, you’ll likely find that these thermostats become more convenient than any other option. 

Alternatives to Smart Thermostats

Not 100% convinced a smart thermostat is for you? Below are the two most common thermostats that you can choose instead of a smart one:

  • Standard thermostats: These thermostats are some of the most prevalent and are the simplest. Standard thermostats require you to manually alter their settings every time you want to change the temperature in a room. 
  • Programmable thermostats: This type of thermostat is more advanced than a standard version but less high-tech than a smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to set temperature changes in advance. However, they do not provide any of the other capabilities that come with a smart thermostat. 

Is a Smart Thermostat the Right Choice for You?

From cost savings and convenience to a sleek modern design, there are many advantages to installing a smart thermostat! And if the upfront cost is a sticking point for you, there are many grants and rebate programs for homeowners to utilize. 

Still unsure? The best approach you can take is to reach out to a professional expert to get their opinion and guidance. For anyone considering a smart thermostat in the Greater Orlando area, contact Climate Design for support. We’d love the chance to learn about your energy needs and help you make the right choices for your home. 

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